Global Sustainable Food and Agriculture: A Landscape Assessment

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The Global Alliance for the Future of Food is a coalition of foundations that have come together to help engender a transition towards sustainable food and agricultural systems that promote security and equity. It recently commissioned a report overviewing the relevant philanthropic landscape. The report includes:

  • Profiles of 24 donors working on food and agriculture – we are delighted to be included amongst them;
  • Identification of critical issues facing sustainable food and agriculture systems; and
  • Case studies that illustrate collaborative and holistic approaches to addressing these critical issues, such as the AgroEcology Fund, of which Synchronicity Earth is a member.

The 18 critical issues identified include: agriculture intensification; land tenure; global population increases and shifts; changing consumption dynamics; food waste and market access; climate change mitigation and adaptation; nutrition and public health; policy for food and agriculture; and water.

The report showcases just how connected issues relating to food and agriculture are to environmental and social issues: the dominant model for producing food threatens marine, forest and freshwater ecosystems and the species that depend on them; contributes to climate change; drives inequality, poverty and hunger; and degrades knowledge about traditional food systems that work alongside, rather than separate from nature.

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