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Are you a conservationist?

To be a conservationist, you do not need a degree in conservation biology, or an encyclopaedic knowledge of the animal kingdom. You just need to value nature, which most of us do. So what can you do?

While we support and fund amazing people around the world working on the frontline of some of the most urgent conservation challenges, we realise that they are only one piece of the puzzle. We can all BE conservationists. We just need to start doing something, making our actions count. At Synchronicity Earth, we count ourselves very lucky to have the opportunity to DO something to support nature and conservation.

Get involved

We hold events, talks and film screenings to dive deeper into stories of people and nature that matter but are seldom talked about. Our aim is to broaden the audience for these stories, bringing people from all different sectors and walks of life into a discussion which is urgent and long overdue: How can we conserve our natural world and evolve our relationship with the planet into one which is less about exploitation and more about mutual benefit and respect?

Conservation is about more than just the beauty of landscapes and wildlife, though these things are surely worth preserving. It is about our relationship with the planet, our ability to live sustainably not just for this generation but also for those to come, and it is about doing what is right.

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