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Last night we hosted a one of its kind event at London Zoo. We aimed to raise funds and awareness for EDGE of existence, one of ZSL’s conservation programmes and to highlight Synchronicity Earths species portfolio.

EDGE conserves species that are both Evolutionarily Distinct and Globally Endangered and focuses much attention on species that are unusual, go generally unnoticed and receive little conservation attention. These species are generally unique in their behaviour, appearance and ecological niche. If these species are not protected, a substantial amount of our evolutionary history will be lost forever and impacts on the environment, other species and people are likely to be significant.

Last nights EDGE event (“Evolutionarily Distinct”) was a success – people arrived in black tie to a champagne reception on penguin beach. They collected wellington boots in order to go and visit some of the zoo’s more unusual residents. Fairly early on umbrellas were required as the heavens opened and it began to rain HARD. However, with the traditional British spirit, the guests didn’t seem to mind and took it calmly in their stride.

Guests were whizzed off on tuk tuks with blankets to snuggle under and some tasty snacks and bubbles. The zoo tour included a stop at the pygmy hippos, feeding of the giant anteater with some tasty maggots, a behind the scene tour of the aquarium and much more.

Once the tour was over, guests were cycled to the Mappins Pavilion in their tuk tuks for cocktails, champagne and some more crazy animal encounters. The baby spectacled owl was a roaring success, with inquisitive questions and some up-close and personal encounters.

As guests sat down to eat and the weather brightened, we enjoyed some entertaining speeches from Adam Sweidan (Synchronicity Earth Chairman and Founder), Jonathan Baillie (ZSLs Conservation Programmes Director) on why species are worth saving regardless of their worth to humankind and Lucy Cook, the effervescent Amphibian Avenger and TV presenter who just loves all ugly animals! Jessica Sweidan (Synchronicity Earth Trustee and Founder) wrapped up the speeches with a heartfelt thank you and a plea to guests to stay involved in anyway possible.

There was plenty of laughter throughout the night and the guests had the opportunity to talk to EDGE species experts. The night ended with some live Afro Latin jazz music and finally a few nightcaps.

We hope that everyone enjoyed this event and is fully on-board with the uglies of this world as well as Synchronicity Earth’s vision. We are grateful to all our table hosts and guests for making the evening a success.

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