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How next-gen technologies and innovative textiles are disrupting the damaging environmental impact of the fashion supply chain.

24 January – Future Fabrics Expo: Victoria House Basement | 6pm Expo after hours, 7pm panel

Explore textiles with a lower environmental footprint and innovative sustainable fabrics that are changing the way fashion impacts the natural world. Series guests will start the evening with a private tour of the Expo and its Innovation Hub led by curator Amanda Johnston (event-only guests will also have access to explore on their own) followed by a panel discussion with Nina Marenzi (The Sustainable Angle), Nicole Rycroft (Canopy Planet), joined by innovators and disruptors of the textile industry, representing varying perspectives from the fashion world. The topic will cover environmental issues in the complex fashion supply chain, its impact on biodiversity and opportunities opening up through innovation.


How did we get here and how can we tap into fashion culture to shape a more sustainable future?

28 February – Panel Discussion: The Royal Institution | 6:30pm doors, 7pm panel

Also part of our Deeper Thinking Series, the evening will explore the cultural roots of environmentally-damaging fashion, our history of exporting our environmental impacts, and how cultural values not only have shaped the present, but can be harnessed to direct the future. The panel, with Edwina Ehrman (curator of the V&A’s Fashioned from Nature exhibition), John Sauven (executive director of Greenpeace) and Kate Fletcher (professor and fashion sustainability pioneer), moderated by Ella Saltmarshe (The CommsLab) will explore how to use fashion as a pro-environmental force.

These events are free for Fabric of Life series ticket-holders, and individual event tickets can also be purchased below.

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