Imagining a brighter future for amphibians

Image: Frank Vassen

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Remaining optimistic about the future of the natural world is tough as a conservationist. But there is a strong argument for hope, says Helen Meredith, Executive Director of the Amphibian Survival Alliance.

Searching for hope

I recently attended a local Climate Strike with my two year old son perched on my shoulders. I took him to show our solidarity with everyone seeking action on this issue, but particularly the children protesting their right to a beautiful and hopeful future. My son plays a lot with some hand-me-down plastic animal figures. His favourites are the turtles, big cats, primates, bears, sharks and a few wide-mouthed grinning frogs.

I often find myself worrying that some of the species they represent may not be around when he is an adult; that he could someday inhabit a world where much biodiversity is represented only by these artificial traces of the majesty that once existed. At times like this I feel a quiet d