Owandji-Virji Okutu

About Owandji-Virji Okutu

Information Systems Manager

Owandji-Virji joined Synchronicity Earth in June 2018 as our Finance and Operations Assistant and has since taken on a new role as Operations Officer. Previously at Mosaiqe, a wooden watch organisation helping to plant trees in impoverished African lands, his background has seen him operate in various business development, operational and digital marketing roles. He has a particular interest in projects that have a positive social and environmental purpose and which aim to educate people on these critical issues. Coordinating with the Finance and Operations managers, Owandji-Virji assists in ensuring effective processes are in place to help the Synchronicity Earth team achieve their core conservation objectives. Owandji-Virji graduated from the University of Hertfordshire with a degree in Business Studies and Marketing. In his own words, he has a huge appreciation for the diversity of natural habitats - above all for those marine environments that are home to sharks!