Cheli Cresswell Sinclair

About Cheli Cresswell Sinclair

Engagement Strategist

Cheli joined Synchronicity Earth in February 2018 as our Engagement Strategist. Her most recent background while pursuing her PhD at University of Oxford has been deeply rooted in understanding the complexities of how citizen science -- the engagement of non-academics and non-scientists in the gathering, analysis, and use of scientific data -- has evolved in the conservation world over the last hundred or so years. She has focussed on how to capitalise on current technology to maximise conservation efforts by facilitating people from every background to contribute in substantial, robust, and significant ways. Cheli also sits on the board of directors of mobile app Key Conservation, and since 2016 has worked with the Interdisciplinary Centre for Conservation Science to help found the Conservation Optimism movement. She is passionate about building personal connections between conservation 'in the field' and avocational conservationists from every walk of life, matching potentials and passions with needs and opportunities in order to transform conservation through inspiration, motivation, and empowerment. When not working, Cheli prefers to be lost as deep in nature as possible.