Action Plan for Amphibians

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A new report on amphibian conservation has been published in Surveys and Perspectives Integrating Environment and Society (S.A.P.I.E.N.S) on what is needed to put action into the Amphibian Conservation Action Plan. This report was written by staff of the Amphibian Survival Alliance, one of our project partners, along with other amphibian experts.

Amphibians are the most threatened vertebrate group, with 40% estimated to be at risk of extinction. Recent years have seen increasing pressures on their habitats, as well as the proliferation of a virulent disease – chytridiomycosis and continuing threats from pollution, climate change, overexploitation and invasive and alien species. As a result they are declining much faster than documented in the past 350 million years.

The Amphibian Conservation Action Plan was a result of a summit set up to design and promote a response to the amphibian crisis. From this came the Amphibian Conservation Action Plan which has since been updated.

The new report highlights that whilst efforts have been made in the past five years, the response to the crisis has not progressed across all the areas of the Action Plan at a sufficient level. The Amphibian Survival Alliance was set up in June 2011 to enable implementation of the Action Plan.

The ASA now has two staff members and have successful built the Alliance, The next step is to bring more organisations and institutions into the Alliance, become instrumental in increasing funds for and galvanizing amphibian conservation. Read more in the report at:

Find out more about ASA here.

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