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EJ Milner-Gulland

EJ Milner-Gulland is the Tasso Leventis Professor of Biodiversity at the University of Oxford. Her research group works at the interface of social and ecological systems, using a range of methodological approaches to address key issues in current conservation, including fieldwork and modelling in the ecological, social and behavioural sciences.

The work has three themes; understanding resource user incentives, planning for effective and socially just conservation, accounting for social-ecological system dynamics. They work in the terrestrial and marine realms, with practitioners who are implementing interventions, to ensure that they are designed, carried out and monitored in a way that leads to the desired outcomes from both conservation and social justice perspectives.

On Synchronicity Earth:

“Synchronicity Earth has this really creative and innovative way of crossing sectors. I really like that there’s a strong emphasis on the arts, but there’s also a strong emphasis on financial instruments, and trying to take ideas and constituencies from other places into conservation, which is something that we really need at the moment. I think that’s really positive.”

An Interview with EJ 

“People don’t realise that as a species we need to change fundamentally and do it soon. That’s not just about climate change, or pollution, or energy and waste – though all of those are important of course. It is about saving our wild spaces, our nature, our wildlife. That needs to be done urgently, and we’re running out of time to do it.”

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