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Putting research into action

White-bellied heron © Lubomir Peske
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Finding Partners

We fund and work with a broad range of people and groups who share our commitment to conservation. There is no fixed template for what a partner should look like; if we trust them and believe they are doing good conservation work, then we will do our best to support them in any way we can. We support:

  • Small, local NGOs taking approaches that are often community-led to conserve species and ecosystems.
  • International NGOs working to protect a particular species or ecosystem that is overlooked and/or underfunded in one of our priority regions.
  • Alliances and coalitions working to conserve an overlooked species or type of ecosystem that gets less conservation attention.
  • International bodies such as the IUCN.

At the core of our work is a focus on our grantees/partners to enable them to do the best they can for the communities, species and ecosystems they seek to protect.

We often support small local organisations which can struggle to secure funding yet have the most in-depth knowledge and understanding of the local context and are using innovative and dynamic approaches to resolve conservation challenges.  Building their capacity by providing strategic funding and connecting them with appropriate international groups or support is a key priority.