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Our Advisory Board

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Synchronicity Earth is proud to present its Advisers – our advisers represent a growing pool of some of our most valued, knowledgeable and trusted contacts.

Our advisers keep us grounded in conservation reality. Since Synchronicity Earth was founded, their expert knowledge and advice has been pivotal in helping us to understand some of the most critical conservation issues we face and to point us in the direction of where our support and involvement can have most impact. With their support, Synchronicity Earth can ensure that its approach, strategies, programmes and activities are based on a combination of the best available science, real, lived experience, and local knowledge. They advise on interventions or points of change and highlight opportunities and innovative ways of thinking or doing.

Ultimately, our Advisers strengthen our mission to provide the best possible support for Synchronicity Earth partners to help them achieve their objectives and scale impact toward a world in which all life is valued, celebrated and flourishing.

We count ourselves incredibly fortunate to have their support.

  • EJ Milner-Gulland


    EJ Milner-Gulland is the Tasso Leventis Professor of Biodiversity at the University of Oxford. Her research group works at the interface of social and ecological systems, using a range of methodological approaches to address key issues in current conservation, including fieldwork and modelling in th

  • Frank Hawkins


    Frank is a conservation biologist and policy advisor with many years of experience working with governments, finance institutions, civil society and local communities in Africa and around the world. He is currently a policy and finance advisor to IUCN. Frank focuses on the use of natural capital dat

  • Ian Harrison


    Ian Harrison obtained his Ph.D. in systematic ichthyology at the University of Bristol, UK. He has conducted research on marine and freshwater fishes from several parts of the world, including fieldwork in Europe, Central and South America, West and Western Central Africa, the Philippines, and the C

  • Jerome Lewis


    Jerome Lewis lectures in Social Anthropology at University College London. He has undergraduate and doctoral degrees in Social Anthropology from the London School of Economics and 20 years research experience working with Pygmy hunter-gatherers and former hunter-gatherers in the Congo Basin. Work in

  • Jonathan Baillie


    Jonathan Baillie is the CEO of On The EDGE Conservation, a media and technology company promoting the natural world and advancing the science of nature communication. He is also President of the board of Natural State, a NGO committed catalyzing large-scale restoration and rewilding. Previous to thi

  • Katy Scholfield


    Katy Scholfield is the Director of Strategic Grantmaking for the Great Apes and Gibbons Programme at Arcus Foundation. Prior to starting this role in 2021, Katy was based at Synchronicity Earth for 10 years, where she led efforts to centre Indigenous and community rights and the revival and protecti

  • Luis Fernando Marin da Fonte


    Luis is a Brazilian biologist working on amphibian conservation, research, and education. He currently acts as Director of Partnerships & Communications at the Amphibian Survival Alliance (ASA), the world's largest collaborative effort to conserve amphibians, and as Coordinator of the Atelopus S

  • Liz Hosken


    Liz Hosken is co-founder and Director of the Gaia Foundation. She is from South Africa and was active from a young age in both environmental issues and the anti-apartheid movement. During the first decade of Gaia’s work Liz spent many years in the Amazon, where she learnt about Indigenous ways of