Bringing a Reef to Life

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On 11th September 2015, talented artist, Louis Masai, began a new collaboration with Synchronicity Earth.

His Mission: to paint a 60 foot mural on a wall in Shoreditch, London.

He started with a globe – its continents fringed with dead reef structures.

Throughout the week, viewers were treated to the sight of an ecosystem coming to life. First came the diverse and abundant corals, and then the fish and mammal species that depend on them.

By the 7th day, the mural was complete.

The painting was the first step of Synchronicity Earth’s coral campaign, which aims to bring about the coordinated action needed to save the world’s threatened reefs.

A short-film of the emerging reef is being created by Toby Madden who worked with us on our last collaboration with Louis – This is Now.

The film will feature the sights and sounds (courtesy of Bernie Krause – ecological sound recording expert, and musician – Cosmo Sheldrake) of reefs coming to life.

It will be hosted on a website that will help visitors to discover the art of the possible.

The website will be promoted globally and people visiting it will learn how they can get involved in reef conservation – wherever they live – by doing small acts that, if done well, will have lasting and positive impacts.

These include conserving water; using ecological products; taking care of waste disposal; volunteering for beach clean-ups; planting a tree; donating to or volunteering on vetted projects; getting involved in global advocacy campaigns.

By engaging with the protection and restoration of reefs, people will learn how they can become agents of change, helping to bring about a better alignment between humans and nature.

The process is already beginning.

The very act of painting the mural has spread the message across social media channels.

Passers-by from across Europe and beyond are taking the message home about an imminent coral campaign.

The local community has already fought to protect the mural, which was threatened with removal: the seeds of hope are being sown.

The campaign will be launched in February 2016.

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