BLOOM Association

Image: LUSH-BLOOM Association © Anja Lampert/Nadja Hluchovsky - Vienna/Austria

BLOOM Association, led by Pew Fellow and Goldman Prize Winner Claire Nouvian, has been an influential voice arguing for the halting and reversing of marine degradation globally. BLOOM works to protect the oceans by producing, using and interpreting up-to-date science to highlight how overfishing and destructive fishing practices are devastating marine life.

BLOOM creates vibrant and media-savvy campaigns to win public support for its national and global advocacy around marine stewardship and conservation-oriented fisheries management. It has four priorities: the deep seas; fisheries subsidies; small-scale fisheries; and education.

BLOOM has a track record of using media and public pressure to influence policy decisions and hold industry to account. It also carries out behind-the-scenes work, lobbying key decision makers. BLOOM, along with our partner the Deep Sea Conservation Coalition (DSCC), has been campaigning for ten years for a reform of the deep-sea fishing regulations in the European Union (EU), and this was finally achieved in June 2016 when the EU adopted a ban on deep-sea fishing below 800m and in areas harbouring vulnerable marine ecosystems. During the campaigning process, BLOOM demonstrated an incredible ability to capture the imagination and enthusiasm of the public through creative campaigns, and used their solid research and advocacy skills to influence actors in both the public and private sectors.

Synchronicity Earth has supported BLOOM since 2012 for its work on deep sea fisheries and fisheries subsidies.

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