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The Congo Basin

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---The Congo Basin

Congo Basin Programme

Our research shows that philanthropic funding for mainland African forests is much lower than it is for forest protection in Latin America and Southeast Asia; the current funding response has been insufficient to address needs.

We have been working in the region since 2012 and have now developed a programme designed to encourage a more coordinated response to the threats. We have identified numerous strong local partners, as well as several excellent international organisations and will continue to build on this through our rigorous research, consultation with our partners and site visits.

We are sharing our research and programme with multiple donors to leverage pooled funding to enable a ‘win-win’ for both donor and grantee. For the (often overstretched) grantee, it means less time spent fundraising and completing paperwork; and done well it also means more opportunity to collaborate and learn from other grantees.  For the donor, it offers an opportunity to learn about and fund grantees in areas previously inaccessible given lack of capacity to research the region, identify good partners or conduct due diligence.

Current partners in our Congo Basin Programme

Struggle to Economize Future Environment

Struggle to Economize Future Environment (SEFE) is part of Synchronicity Earth’s Congo Basin Programme, and works to mobilise indigenous groups against harmful industrial activity in South

Reseau CREF

Synchronicity Earth has supported Reseau CREF's diverse initiatives, including community forestry, an indigenous peoples’ festival, and solar panelling for its offices, since 2012. North

Mbou Mon Tour

Synchronicity Earth has supported Mbou Mon Tour (MMT) since 2016 for its agroecology work, which means, they support viable food systems, promote economic wellbeing and human rights of small


LifeMosaic, a UK-based organisation, works to empower indigenous peoples globally, with a specific focus on youth. It works at the local level, providing training as well as creative toolkit

International Rivers Africa Programme

Synchronicity Earth has supported International Rivers’ Africa Programme since 2013. Africa is a dry continent, yet it is also home to some of the world’s great river systems: the Nile,

Genetic Resources Action International

Synchronicity Earth supported GRAIN (Genetic Resources Action International) in 2017 as part of our Congo Basin Programme. Grain is an international NGO that began in the 1980s as a coalitio

Association Okani and Gbabandi

Association OKANI and their partners, Gbabandi, are part of Synchronicity Earth’s Congo Basin Programme. Association OKANI is a community-based indigenous NGO in Cameroon staffed by a smal

Field Advisory Legality Group

Field Advisory Legality Group (FLAG) is part of Synchronicity Earth’s Congo Basin Programme. FLAG was established by a group of three Cameroonian experts in 2012 to build the capacity of g

Dyanmique des Groupes des Peuples Autochtones

Synchronicity Earth has supported Dyanmique des Groupes des Peuples Autochtones (DGPA)  since 2012 to facilitate peaceful cohabitation and cross-cultural understanding between indigenous fo

Well Grounded

Synchronicity Earth has worked with Well Grounded for a number of years in a non-funding capacity (Well Grounded introduced us to several of our partners: Reseau CREF, DGPA, FLAG and Mbou Mo

Rainforest Foundation UK

Synchronicity Earth has supported Rainforest Foundation UK (RFUK) since 2012 to investigate and expose large-scale acquisitions for palm oil in the Congo Basin. The forests of the Congo Basi

Forest Peoples Programme

Synchronicity Earth has supported Forest Peoples Programme (FPP) since 2013 to pilot an integrated approach to conservation and development with the Ogiek of Mount Elgon and the Sengwer of t

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