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Synchronicity Earth is a charitable foundation with an ambitious vision: a sustainable planet that values the interconnectivity and interdependence of all living things.

Personal story - Lucilla Partridge

By Lucilla Partridge

In the spirit of engaging young people who are involved in conservation, please see below a new blog from Lucilla Partridge who is giving her own perspective.

I have never really told anyone why I care. Some may think there is no point. That animals and our world don’t matter, but they do.

It all started in year 5. When I realised that my school was serving an endangered fish: Cod. I told my parents, I researched and I realised that it was not fair. Killing a species that is under threat is not right. Why do it? I asked the school to stop serving this but they didn’t do anything. Because I gave up. But now I know that if you want something, to stand up for something, you have to do anything to get it. Don’t give up. And that’s one thing I regret.

It wasn’t just the endangered species that I realised, but our world: Global Warming. Our world has been around for thousands of years; we should respect it. But everyday we make it worse. Humans can be so selfish, but we need to think of our planet, our environment, and the animals. Not just money and ourselves. Humans are so new to our universe, what makes us so controlling? Why do we think we’re worth more than everything else?

Secondary school didn’t seem to care about endangered species either. Pots of tuna and Cod every week. Fish and Chips’ is everyone’s favourite. But people don’t really understand what they’re eating. I know my friends may think of me as a really annoying person when I tell them about looking after our environment. But so what? In year 6, I went around the school turning the lights of, which got my teacher got fed up with. But I’m not saying that you have to do that. I’m saying you should care. Even if you join an environment club, that counts.

I care because we are all animals, all creatures who belong on Earth. But we should be grateful of our planet, and be kind to it. Not destroy it. We should care for all animals because they belong on earth too. I am asking just one thing. CARE.