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Human evolution

By Lucilla Partridge

In the spirit of engaging young people who are involved in conservation, please see below a new blog from Lucilla Partridge who is giving her own perspective.

In the beginning, there were just innocent animals and nature. But then we came along: humans. We became smarter and smarter, and as time passed we discovered more. But look at what we have created! War. Global Warming. Animals are under threat.

We are animals ourselves – the top of the food chain. In the beginning, we killed animals for food. Now we think we have so much control over everything, we think we can kill animals for decoration and jewelry. Is that really necessary?

Elephants and Rhinos have been around for millions of years. A lot longer than humans. Now they are under threat because of human demand for ivory (their horns and tusks).

Elephants are the world’s largest land mammals. Their tusks are actually elongated incisors and are essential for the elephant. An elephant is killed about every 15 minutes for their tusks. Poachers kill the Rhinos for their ivory too, so they then can make money to feed their families. The poachers do not understand.  That is why we should teach the poachers, why it is wrong.

My grandmother went to see a rhino in a conservation area. The lady who set this place up had taught the poachers why rhinos are so precious.

This may be a really short message, but we should respect elephants and rhinos, not for the amount of money that poachers can make of them, but because they are such wonderful creatures.

We can all make a difference.