Synchronicity Earth

Synchronicity Earth is a charitable foundation with an ambitious vision: a sustainable planet that values the interconnectivity and interdependence of all living things.

Conservation Secrets

When it is necessary to withhold information for the good of a species? listen to the radio broadcast on the subject here.

Monty Don talks about the conservationists dilemma, particularly in relation to rare orchids and rhinos, in this BBC radio programme. Simon Stuart, Chair of the Species Survival Commission for IUCN and Synchronicity Earth Advisor, talks about rhinos. He discusses when you must make locations of rhino populations or individuals known to the wider world so governments can take responsibility for the protection of the species and so that action can be targeted appropriately, and when information needs to be kept secret. There are times when one must control the release of information – Rhinos are a key example where in certain cases the release of information about their location, when proper protection is not in-place, can be fatally damaging. Rhino horn is in such high demand, due to rising prices and demand that sometimes one cannot risk the information being publicly known, some locations have been kept secret for decades!