Synchronicity Earth

Synchronicity Earth is a charitable foundation with an ambitious vision: a sustainable planet that values the interconnectivity and interdependence of all living things.

White-bellied heron

Synchronicity Earth’s species portfolio focuses on conserving forgotten and threatened species, as well as on building capacity of organisations and individuals working to save such species.

Through our research, we discovered that the White-bellied heron is in a critical situation. If more conservation action and funding is not provided quickly, the species will be lost. However, simply providing money is not enough – this species requires a coordinated and collaborative response.

Synchronicity Earth is working closely with local and international groups to facilitate and organise a range-wide workshop from which there will be a species conservation strategy and an on-going plan of action. We hope to support conservation action long into the future – helping to attain a secure and viable population of one of the world’s most endangered birds.

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White-bellied heron (Ardea insignis), Bhutan (Photo: J.C. Eames, BirdLife International)