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Conservation Evidence – A project update

It has been three months since we started supporting the Conservation Evidence group at the University of Cambridge to develop a synopsis of evidence on amphibian conservation. Conservation Evidence publishes a website (with a searchable database), a journal and a series of books providing evidence on the effectiveness of conservation interventions to support decisions about nature conservation.

Work for the amphibian synopsis involves listing all possible conservation interventions for amphibians, anywhere in the world, and compiling evidence for the effectiveness of each. Since the start of the project a panel of amphibian experts have been invited to join an advisory board and to add to the list of possible interventions for amphibians. Scientific literature has also been searched and over 300 potentially relevant papers have been listed and over the coming months these will be summarised under each specific intervention.  

Recently a call for evidence has gone out to those working in amphibian conservation through the Amphibian Specialist Group in their July issue of Froglog and as a blog.

If you can help with evidence of the effectiveness of conservation interventions for amphibians, please contact Rebecca Smith.