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Research and Development

Effective conservation starts with knowledge: What is driving species loss and extinction? What are the most immediate threats to species and ecosystems in a particular region? What is the relationship between local communities and their environment? 

Our Approach

Since Synchronicity Earth was founded in 2009, we have been dedicated to understanding where we can have the greatest conservation impact. Through detailed discussions with our expert advisors, desk-based research, field visits and relationships with both large and small NGOs, we have gained insight into how we can support and fund action to address some of the most overlooked and underfunded conservation challenges.

The global conservation landscape is vast and can at times appear fragmented. The analysis we undertake helps to shed light on current and emerging threats to landscapes and species and to identify where funding is needed.

Our guiding principles – scientific rigour, openness, collaboration – not only inform our research and how we support our partners, but also help us to overcome some of the obstacles that can hold back progress towards more effective conservation, as we develop our programmes.

We work with partners from across the conservation spectrum, providing opportunities and coordination for donors to provide funding and support for committed conservationists tackling urgent challenges and catalysing real change for species, ecosystems and people.

Our Research Process


We analyse information on the largest sources of funding for conservation and what these are directed towards. We look at which regions and ecosystems are the main beneficiaries of this funding and find the biggest gaps in provision for priority conservation issues.


We examine a variety of information sources and consult with scientists and practitioners from across the conservation sector and broader international development community to understand current and emerging threats and how they intersect with priority conservation areas.


We discover the range of organisations currently addressing priorities identified in our research (from local organisations through to international bodies) and the most common types of intervention, for example, species protection or habitat restoration.

Conservation Evidence

We find out about what’s working and what’s needed; we also discover the barriers to conservation success. Sometimes, this might simply be a lack of funding which prevents adequate resources being devoted to the most urgent or important work.


We consider where our scale of funding can have long term impact. This can be as an early funder in new initiatives or as a funder of core costs. We look to add value to those we fund and to help connect them to our networks.

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Developing our Programmes

We fund and work with a broad range of people and groups who share our commitment to conservation.

At Synchronicity Earth we try to support and bolster alliances where they exist already, by providing:

  • Core support to build capacity

  • Links to potential new funding sources

  • Access to a network of knowledge and expertise

  • Our voice to amplify key messages

Where there is a need for better coordination, we work to develop a more joined-up response by creating programmes to bring effective conservation groups and funders together. Our programmes are designed to:

  • Unite donors and foundations around a strategic and coordinated action plan to address an overlooked and underfunded conservation issue

  • Provide a template for collaborative conservation for both donor and conservation community

  • Amplify the impact of the most effective local conservation organisations

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