Synchronicity Earth

Synchronicity Earth is a charitable foundation with an ambitious vision: a sustainable planet that values the interconnectivity and interdependence of all living things.

How We Work

Our model is based around four core areas:

  1. RESEARCH AND MAPPING: Through rigorous research, we are creating an overall ‘map’ of conservation priorities for three key ecosystems: forests, freshwater and oceans. We identify the threats; who is addressing them; where the funding priorities lie; where the gaps are; and where we can have the greatest impact. At the same time, we investigate strategies used to identify priority species and push to the forefront important, yet less charismatic species, who receive little conservation attention, as well as those negatively impacted by some of the land use changes we seek to address in our ecosystem portfolios.
  2. DUE DILIGENCE: We identify organisations working to address these gaps in innovative and effective ways. We are developing a toolkit for ourselves and other donors, so that better investment decisions can be made. It will allow us to identify those organisations and projects most likely to deliver positive, long-term conservation benefits. 
  3. FUNDING THROUGH PORTFOLIOS: Based on our research, we work with our team of advisors to build portfolios of effective, evidence-based projects that address global priorities. The portfolios allow us to package conservation priorities in a unique way and to attract new and diverse funders, different from the typical conservation donor. We present our portfolios to people in (although not limited to) the finance sector. These people are interested in ‘investing’ in conservation but also appreciate the value of rigorous scientific research to assist them in identifying the most effective place for them to invest their money. Our portfolios will also be used to revitalize and inform the environmental philanthropic and multilateral communities, encouraging them to adopt a more strategic and collaborative framework.
  4. OUTREACH AND EVENTS: Through our work we strive to educate and inform others, with thought-provoking awareness-raising events, such as film nights, inspired educational discussions and creative evening events.

We are driven by the urgent need to scale up the impact of conservation given the pace of environmental degradation. This not only means bringing more funding in and directing it towards effective projects, but building broad coalitions and encouraging the sharing of ideas between people from different walks of life. 

With our close involvement in academic and NGO communities and our ability to bridge the gap between research and the worlds of business and finance, we are uniquely placed to bring a wide range of people and perspectives together to highlight the interconnectivity between people and the planet.