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Our Expert Advisers

--Our Expert Advisers

Our scientific advisers keep us grounded in conservation reality. Since Synchronicity Earth was founded, their expert knowledge and advice has been pivotal in allowing us to understand some of the most critical conservation issues we currently face and to point us in the direction of where our support and involvement can have most impact. Alongside them, our strategic and creative advisers help us to situate what we do in a wider context with their in-depth knowledge across a broad range of areas – finance, philanthropy, the media and the arts to name a few.

We count ourselves incredibly fortunate to have their support.

Scientific Advisors

Strategic Advisors

Creative Advisors

Photo Credits

Dr Alex Rogers: Aquapix and Expedition to the Deep Slope 2007, NOAA-OE (Flickr)

Dr Jerome Lewis: Mark Dumont (Flickr)

Professor Jonathan Baillie: Martim Pinheiro de Melo, Birdlife International

Dr William Sutherland: Robin Moore

Mustafa Zaidi: Laura Kalina (Wildscreen Exchange)

William Eccles: Muzina_shanghai (Flickr)